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(I'm kinda liking this list format... I don't have to make cohesive thoughts!)

-- I hate allergy season. This perpetual clooged sinus thing is getting old fast. Billy and I both have allergies, so today we were trading meds. I think that Ib for Sudafed is a good trade. Oooooow, my face hurts.

-- I'm beginning to get that perpetual stress pressure in my chest that comes with working with people. It's the one that makes me feel like I'm always doing something wrong.

-- The Rave got loose over the weekend, so yesterday some of the girls and I swam it back in while we were at swim beach. Some of the other staff got mad at us because we went to get it and we weren't with our kids. But nobody else was going to do it, so someone had to! It was good times, and our adventure is legendary.

-- Being allergic to nature sucks.

-- It rained for two whole days last week. We were stuck on the other side of camp with crazy children in confined spaces. On Wednesday, I supervised 5 hours of 4-square. It was not a pleasant thing, let me tell you. Especailly the part where I had to bike home in the rain.

-- I've been wearing my helmet during the camp day because 1) I look funny and kids like that, and 2) the acorns falling from the trees are dangerous. Today I wore safety glasses so that I wouldn't poke my eyes out.

-- There's been some kefuffle in the U-Swing ranks about certain people being included on the thread and some people not being included on the thread on facebook. Sarah needs to check herself for hypocrisy. People can be mad all they want, but I'm getting things done. The rest of them can shove it.

-- I have to work 4 days next week, two of them we go to the barn. That doesn't end well. I've been feeling like crap, my kids are annoying, and I just don't want to go back. The idea of going back next week just makes me a sad panda.

-- I've been getting really restless. I just want to start school, but I'm still sad that I don't get a break.

-- My parents aren't coming up to WI for Christmas, and it really hurt that I had to chose between Mindy&Adam and my parents. They said that they don't mind, and they are coming up for Thanksgiving, so that's a compromise. I've gotten the break pretty much planned out, so after I get syllabi and work out final dates I can start booking flights!

-- Caitlin and I decided that we are going to put the smackdown on people this year. Don't mess with us, bitches!

-- I really miss Adam. My days are harder to get through when I know I can't face-to-face with him at the end of them. [you may now vomit]

-- Not much movement with the Jen thing. I don't know why we haven't talked. Ball's in her court now.

-- I may have taken a hike through some poison oak today...


-- First things first, Seattle was AMAZING. I wish that I could go back sooner. It was amazing to see Adam, and there were many cuddles to be had. We did all sorts of nerdy and touristy things. Went to DnD, went to game night at his work, did the Underground Tour downtown, watched Bill Nye this Science Guy... we also ate so much delicious food. Mmmmm. We learned a lot while I was there, too. I just wish that I could have stayed longer. I'm hoping and planning on going back in January. He's coming to Minneapolis in October for a weekend, so 8 more weeks. Not that I'm counting or anything. :shifty:

-- We went out to dinner last night to watch Ben's dad's blugrass band play. They were really good, although, not gonna lie, it mostly sounds the same to me after awhile. Josh and Lisa were able to come, too, which was nice. Josh and I need to do more stuff together.
-- I'm still trying to figure out of if I'm going to get a meal plan next semester. I can get 25 a semester or 5 a week, but it's pretty expensive. My schedule is such that I can just eat at home or bring a lunch. Thoughts?

-- It's been nasty humid here the last couple of days. Like, 80%. I don't like sleeping on my bed because I'm sleeping on and under comforters and they are really soggy from the air. Yuck!

-- Yesterday was the official opening day of ragweed pollen season! It's supposed to be the worst season in 20 years. Who's got two thumbs and one hell of a allergy and works outside? This kid, that's who. Also, any of you remember last year's ragweed season, when I had a sinus infection for three weeks? Woot! [/sarcasm]

-- Adam bought me a new webcam while I was out there, and I tried installing the software on my tower... yeah, that didn't work out so well. It doesn't work very well on my laptop for some reason, but Blue Screen of Death'd my tower last night. I'm running ad-aware and virus scans right now, and I defragged last night, so I hope that maybe that will help.

-- Two more (+) weeks of camp! I'm kinda sad that it's coming to an end, because I had a good group last week, but I'm still kinda sad about it. Two more weeks for sure, and Jason is trying to get me the last week off. I for sure have that Friday off, but he's working on the rest of the week. I need that week to get choreography and other matters taken care of, so we'll see how that goes. I feel bad, though, because we'll be so short staffed that week. And I don't know if I'll be back next summer. Who would have guessed that I would voluntarily be with childrens?

-- I have so much to do today, and no motivation to do it. Booo, I say, boooooo.


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What? A fic?

Title: Cold Cliches
Fandom: TWW (Sam/Ainsley)
Summary:  “Well, it would appear that I’m walking in a thunder storm to your apartment at one in the morning.”

Written for the coffeespillers challenge. Unbeta'd.

another miami fic for leela

Title: Bad Conscience
Summary: The hurricane was coming again.
AN: I wrote this the week after 'Three Way" and never posted it. Here's for you, Leela, and your daily fix. Unbetad.

miami fic

Title: Minor Third
Summary: The pretension was killing her. (Calleigh-centric)
AN: Wow! A fic! My first since last August, actually. Sometime before Kill Switch. The person who can get the connection between the title and the story gets a cookie.


Yeah, so Britt is WICKEDing and RENTing this weekend and I think I'm about to pee myself from excitement for her or jealousy. I haven't decided which yet.


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